It Wasn’t The Right Job For Me Anyway

I got fired on Thursday night. 

It was a typical night, I was sitting on my green love seat enjoying an episode of Shameless when I should’ve been doing my homework. The phone rang and it was one of my bosses. I had absolutely no clue why they would be calling me at eight at night. I’m sure I thought of not answering. I did anyway.

I then had to listen to the voice on the other line present to me a scenario that occurred earlier in the afternoon (they weren’t even there) and how they were “letting me go” and then (as if it could get better) how “this was going to make things harder for them”. Harder for THEM? I’m pretty sure you’re still making a fuck load of money and now suddenly I can’t pay my bills. Please, explain to me again how “hard” it’s going to be for you. Obviously at this point I had been interrupted, told not to speak, and embarrassed thoroughly over a minor error that was blown out of proportion. A good ass chewing? Yeah, I’m sure I deserved that. To be fired? Not if you actually knew what happened. I apologized and also argued even though they tried to stop me. However, I also saw this coming from a mile away. Actually, more like a hundred. They had been shorting me on pay, treating me weirdly, and truthfully I had been pushing the boundaries. I tried to see just how far I could take it and I can’t even begin to explain why.

Mortified, I hung up. I sat in complete silence for a good thirty minutes before I made any moves. I began to realize that they had just been looking for a reason to fire me. They realized they were paying me a lot more than they wanted to, I wanted to certain things (like certain legal rights pertaining to payment), and they were starting to realize that I was not, in fact, their slave or indentured servant.

Eventually, I made the decision that either I could sit there and choose to be upset and accomplish nothing, or I could try to be productive in the wake of my recent misfortune. Trust me, it was almost the first choice. I grabbed one of my many notebooks (I am addicted to all those super cute ones at TjMaxx), and I began to write out my budget. How much did all of my must have bills cost me? How much do I make from my other sources? And how much do I need to come up with in order to JUST PAY MY BILLS? It’s a lot. If I didn’t have a car payment and hadn’t racked up a bunch of debt on my credit card like a dumbass I might be better off. However, I do and I did and that’s that.

I made an urgent call to one of my besties knowing he’d be down to listen. I explained what happened, he said those people are nuts and I didn’t deserve to be fired, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Obviously, I felt ten times better after hearing that someone was on my side. After a few more conversations with a few more people, I realized it really was just a way for them to fire me and pay someone else less money.

Then, I realized something even better. I WANTED TO BE FIRED.

I had been fed up for a good while, was ungrateful for the job, I wasn’t being paid what was promised and I was unhappy. I wanted something more. I realized I was even willing to take on an extra class each semester for the remainder of school JUST to get away from these people faster. I felt suffocated, like I couldn’t quit because I’d feel bad and also because I needed the money (which I still need). But regardless, it was awful and I hated feeling awful. I certainly wasn’t about to beg for my job back, not when I was miserable anyway. I’m worth more than putting myself in a situation that doesn’t feel good.

Now suddenly, I have all this freedom to do whatever I want. But what the hell do I do? I could get a better job, I could visit a friend, I could move to a different state. The fact of so much freedom was overwhelming in and of itself. I decided to take this time to work on myself, develop and train in a new set of skills, and try this blogging thing out again.


Feel free to leave a comment sharing any horror/comedy stories you have about getting fired. I’d love to read them!


Thanks for dropping by!

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